The numerous technical and economical advantages that the powder metallurgy made martensitic stainless steel CHRONIFER® M-15X offers to you?

Its unique reproducibility, reliability and fineness of its microstructure. All these features allowed us to offer round bars in the size range of Dia. 2.20mm up to Dia. 18.0mm in a hardened full martensitic pattern on a maximum hardness of 52 - 53 HRC directly from stock.

L. Klein SA offers now in OPEN SOURCE this premium quality steel as strip material available to all transformers and users.
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About Us

L. Klein SA in Biel/Bienne was founded in 1946 as a family business and belongs to the Schiess Holding Ltd. The company is a corporation that is directed by Olivier and Philippe Schiess and employs 16 staff.

L. Klein SA is a distributor of quality steel and metal and offers
  - Approx. 50 different qualities of steel with over 3'700 articles on stock
- Small diameters, round profiles, in bars or coils
- Many intermediate diameters - Narrow tolerances
- Possibility of ordering small quantities
- Certification according to SE EN ISO 9001 standard
- Multilingual service (German - French - English - Italian)
- Timely handling of quotation-inquiries, orders and deliveries
- Traceability of each lot/shipment through our system
- Delivery service in the region
- Assistance with technical inquiries

In the last decades L. Klein SA has developed from a regional distributor to an international corporation. Exports account for approx. 40 % of the annual turnover.

In an effort to care for the environment, L. Klein SA uses natural resources like wood, rainwater and solar power combined with modern technology.
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