Did you know that we keep AISI 303 in round bars in sizes between 0.40 - 7.0mm with increment of 0.10mm in stock (and also many inch sizes)
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L. Klein SA was founded by Léon Klein in 1946 in Biel. The company was originally located near the lake. Business activities were restricted to delivering round-profile steel to the micro technology and watch-making industries.

In 1956 Rudolf Schiess was hired as a commercial employee and the company eventually became a well-known supplier of the automatic lathe industry in the Biel region and beyond.

In the same year L. Klein SA moved to 110 Längfeldweg on the outskirts of Biel. In the following decades that area developed into an important industrial zone of Biel. The lower level of the building was, at that time, rented out to General Motors.

Rudolf Schiess was able to take over the company from Léon Klein in 1973. By that time,
the name L. Klein SA was well known and, therefore, was not changed.

In 1984 his son, Olivier Schiess, joined the company and it grew from a regional and national supplier to an international one. Several foreign agencies reinforce this activity.

Philippe Schiess, his second son, joined in 1996.
The company continued its expansion and today L. Klein SA employs 18 people, which equals 16 full time positions. The office building and warehouse have also been steadily enlarged.

L. Klein SA now belongs to Schiess Holding AG, which was founded in 2000.
Olivier and Philippe are the directors of the holding company.

Since 1998 L. Klein SA has been certified according to ISO 9001 standard.

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