431 (x) stainless steel martensitic m-15 x

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Martensitic Stainless Steel 1.4057 X X17 CrNi 16-2 (X) Micro melt

1.4057 X/ X 17 CrNi 16-2 (X) Martensitic Steel M-15 X

X 17 CrNi 16-2 (X) micro melt / 1.4057 X martensitic hardenable stainless steel


Chronifer M-15 X / X17 CrNi 16-2 (X) is a hardenable, martensitic, stainless steel. Due to the powder metallurgical production a significant improvement of the properties of the 431 (X) in comparison to the 431 is achieved.


Properties of X 17 CrNi 16-2 (X) micro melt / Chronifer M-15 X martensitic stainless steel


The Chronifer M-15 X / X 17 CrNi 16-2 (X) is characterized by its extremely fine grain size, microstructure and homogeneity. Its ductility, polishing ability and corrosion resistance are excellent. The corrosion resistance of X 17 CrNi 16-2 (X) / 1.4057 martensitic stainless steel is achieved only by the hardening of the parts. In order to improve it further, the parts must be well polished. Due to the low sulfur and carbon content and little nickel, this quality is more corrosion resistant than the ~ 420 F / 1.4035 1.4034+S.


Applications of Chronifer M-15 X / X 17 CrNi 16-2 (X) micro melt


The M-15 X is mainly used in medical and dental industry for the production of instruments and cutters, as well as in the watch industry for small precision parts. Another field is the automotive industry, where the steel is used for the manufacturing of gear parts in micro motors or other small parts that require high ductility and wear resistance.

Brief description  
Klein designation: CHRONIFER® M-15 X
Class of metals: Hardenable martensitic stainless steel
with N addition
Material number: 1.4057
Standard DIN: X 17 CrNi1 6-2
Melting: VIM + MicroMelt® Powder metallurgy
Machinability: satisfactory
Hardening capability: up to 52-55 HRc
Polishing: very well adapted for mirror polishing
Corrosion resistance: satisfactory in hardened, polished and
passivized condition
Magnetism: magnetic
Uses: medical and dental applications; parts
for numerous branches of the industry
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