aisi 440 mod roller bearing steel

Standard ISO h6 for big sizes up to Dia. 50.0mm in some materials in our stock
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Roller bearing steel 420 Mod

Availability 420 Mod
roller bearing steel 420 mod

420 Mod Roller bearing steel


Brief description  
Klein designation: CHRONIFER® M-15 KL
Class of steels: hardenable martensitic stainless steel with N addition
Material number: 1.4123
Standard EN: X 40 CrMoVN 16-2
Remelting: ESR
Machinability: up to satisfactory
Hardening capability: up to 58 HRc
Polishing ability: adapted for mirror polishing
Corrosion resistance: up to good in the hardened, polished and passivized condition
Magnetism: magnetic
Uses: bearing components; medical, surgical and dental instruments
Availability 420 Mod
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