copper beryllium cube2pb new products

The numerous technical and economical advantages that the powder metallugy (micro-melt) made martensitic CHRONIFER M-15X offers to you? Ist unique reproductibility, reliability, fineness of ist microstructure.

All these features allowed us to offer round bars in the size range of Dia. 2.20mm up to Dia. 18.0mm in a hardened full martensitic pattern on a maximum hardness of 52 - 53 HRC directly from stock.

L. Klein SA offers now on open source basis this premium quality steel as strips material available to all transformers and users.
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New Products

Copper Beryllium CuBe2Pb

Copper Beryllium CuBe2Pb New Products

Copper Beryllium CuBe2Pb New Products bars

Copper Beryllium CuBe2Pb is available in stock as bars / rods


Brief description  
Designation Klein: COPPER BERYLLIUM
CuBe2Pb (M25) alloy
Class of steels: Free machining precipitation hardening Cu-Be alloy with Pb addition
Material number: CW102C
Standard UNS: C17300
RoHS 2 - 2011/65/EU: compliant
Machinability: good to very good
Hardening capability: up to 1'500 MPa
forming: can be cold formed
Cold working hardening: can be cold deformed
Polishing ability: appropriate
Magnetism: non magnetic
Corrosion resistance: satisfactory
Uses: Precision parts for the electronic industry and numerous other industrial applications
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