age hardenable and precipitation / martensitic steel

The numerous technical and economical advantages that the powder metallugy (micro-melt) made martensitic CHRONIFER M-15X offers to you? Ist unique reproductibility, reliability, fineness of ist microstructure.

All these features allowed us to offer round bars in the size range of Dia. 2.20mm up to Dia. 18.0mm in a hardened full martensitic pattern on a maximum hardness of 52 - 53 HRC directly from stock.

L. Klein SA offers now on open source basis this premium quality steel as strips material available to all transformers and users.
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Stainless Steel martensitic / precipitation / age hardenable

630  (17-4 ph) stainless steel martensitic
stainless steel martensitic / precipitation/age hard xm-16
stainless steel martensitic / precipitation/age hard UNS S46500

Hardenable martensitic, precipitation, age hardenable steels are available on stock as bars / rods.


Martensitic, precipitation-hardenable stainless steels as a rod material

Martensitic stainless steel is a stainless steel alloy with iron and chromium and a certain carbon content.

What is martensitic precipitation hardenable steel?

Precipitation-hardened steel grades have a higher alloy content than the martensitic grades and contain nickel. Alloys such as titanium, copper, niobium, aluminum or molybdenum are added for hardening. Precipitation-hardenable steels can be delivered in a "solution-treated" condition so that their machinability is a great advantage. After processing, the strength of the steel can be increased by heating with low temperature. This procedure is called curing or aging.

Composition and use of precipitation hardenable stainless martensitic steel

Precipitation-hardenable steels are used in the production of medical instruments, aircraft parts, gear parts, chains, valves, springs and circlips, as well as pressure vessels and gaskets.

One of the best known qualities is the Chronifer 17-4 PH (17% chromium and 4% nickel), also known as 630 steel. Another high quality type is the Chronifer 455 KL. Particularly noteworthy is the modern new Custom 465 quality, which has exceptional properties.

L. Klein AG is a respected supplier of various types of precipitation hardenable martensitic steels. Here you can even in small quantities buy steel with special requirements, such as small diameters, in intermediate dimensions or narrow tolerances as rods and bars. We provide reliable shipping and excellent multilingual customer support and service. A local delivery system is available for Switzerland, but we supply our high-quality steels throughout the EU and even worldwide, also in very small quantities.


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