surgical instruments in stainless steel

Law 100Pb also in standard ISO h5 available from stock for sizes between 2.0 - 10.0 mm Dia.
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Stainless steelsurgical instruments

Availability Cutter
431 medical instruments cutter
431 (X) medical instruments cutter
431 (X) (Band) medical instruments cutter
uns s46500 medical instruments
~ 440 a medical instruments cutter
~ 440 b medical instruments cutter
440 c medical instruments cutter
420 mod medical instrumente cutter
1.4108 medical instruments Cutter

Stainless steel for surgical instruments like cutters

If your company is looking to manufacture surgical instruments and medical devices using high-quality stainless steel bars, contact us for advice and quick delivery even in small quantity.

Availability Cutter

Cutter Medical steel is available on stock as bars / rods.

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