Watchmaking alloys

The numerous technical and economical advantages that the powder metallugy (micro-melt) made martensitic CHRONIFER M-15X offers to you? Ist unique reproductibility, reliability, fineness of ist microstructure.

All these features allowed us to offer round bars in the size range of Dia. 2.20mm up to Dia. 18.0mm in a hardened full martensitic pattern on a maximum hardness of 52 - 53 HRC directly from stock.

L. Klein SA offers now on open source basis this premium quality steel as strips material available to all transformers and users.
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Watchmaking alloys

Availability Watchmaking alloys
swt 60 pb watchmaking alloys hardenable
labor pb ~ 1065 / ~ 1095 (+s) watchmaking alloys hardenable
law 100 pb ~ 1095 hardenable watchmaking alloys
law 100 x  ~1095 hardenable watchmaking alloys
~ 1.4197 watchmaking alloys hardenable / stainless
431 (X) hardenable / stainless Watchmaking alloys
431 (X) (Band) hardenable / stainless Watchmaking alloys
~ 316 l (+s) 1.4427 so stainless steel austenitic
316 l (+s+cu) stainless steel austenitic
stainless steel austenitic  316L improved
316 l 1.4435 Watchmaking alloys austenitic
~ 316 lvm / f 138  Watchmaking alloys austenitic
904 l Watchmaking alloys austenitic
Chronifer 108 nickelfreei
Durimphy-watchmaking alloys hardenable
declafor 1015 watchmaking alloys hardenable / stainless
arcap ap1d c 79350 Watchmaking alloys austenitic
Brass C 38500 Watchmaking alloys
NM2 CuNi 7 Zn 39 Pb 3 Mn 2 Watchmaking alloys
Watchmaking alloys hardenable stainless Copper Beryllium CuBe2Pb
Phynox©KL F 1058 hardenable / stainless Watchmaking Alloys
Nivaflex 45/18 / 2.4782 hardenable / stainless Watchmaking Alloys
Chrome Core 18-FM corrosion-resistant Watchmaking alloys
MP 35 N corrosion-resistant Watchmaking alloys
Chronifer Special 35 P corrosion-resistant Watchmaking alloys
~ 420 F hardenable / stainless Watchmaking Alloys

Availability Watchmaking alloys

Which stainless steels and metals are used for watches

In watchmaking, we differentiate between steel for watch parts (encapsulated) and the watch case with its watch strap (outside)

The following steel and metal grades are used for the watch parts:
For clock works, axles and other small rotating parts with wear requirements:
Typical hardenable carbon steels, non-corrosive: LAW 100 Pb and LAW 100 X (magnetic)
Typical hardenable martensitic carbon steels, corrosion-resistant: Chronifer Labor M-Plus (1.4197) and Chronifer M-15 X (magnetic)

Amagnetic stainless spring steel with limited wear resistance: Phynox KL
Spring steel with limited wear resistance, magnetic: Durimphy
For watch parts without wear requirement: Brass, Arcap, CuBe2, Declafor 1015

The following steel qualities and Non-Precious metals are used for watch cases, outside parts of and metal watch straps:
For watch cases: Chronifer Spezial 35, Chronifer Spezial 35 P, 1.4441 Implant, Chronifer Spezial 904L, Titan Grade 5, Titan Grade 2, Cobalt BC
For watch crowns: Chronifer Special KL 1.4427, Chronifer Special 35, Chronifer Special 35 P, Aisi 316 L Décolletage, Phynox KL
For watch straps: Chronifer Spezial 35, Chronifer Spezial 35 P, Chronifer Special 904L 1.4441 Implant, Phynox, Titan Grade 5.

Watch making steel is available on stock as bars / rods.

Properties of watchmaking grade stainless steel

The steel used for the manufacture of the precise watch parts should have a fine structure, for the clock works mostly hardenable, for the watch cases high corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. Chromium is added to improve the rust and wear resistance of the steel.
The company Klein has developed two special watch steel grades: these are the LAW 100 X® and the Chronifer® M-15 X. Both have been produced by the same powder metallurgic process in order to obtain an extreme fine structure. The smaller the parts are, the more important is the fine structure of the steel, in order to meet today's requirements of polishing ability. Especially in the area of the "haut de gamme" (high-price-segment) watch.

L. Klein SA is a dependable distributor of different kinds of watchmaking steel. In Switzerland a local delivery service is provided, but we also supply even smallest quantities to entire Europe and worldwide. Thanks to many years of experience and professional knowledge, excellent multilingual customer support and service is offered.
The assortment consists of steel with special requirements like narrow tolerances and small diameters as bars, coils and round profiles.

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