1.4441 IMPLANT

Distinctive feature & main attribute: an improved rust- and acid-proofed chromium-nickel-molybdenum-steel alloy, precedingly refined by an electroslag remelting process (ESR), designed for components with increased chemical stability due to the quality standards ISO 5832-1 and ASTM F-138, nevertheless, it has a limited machinability and remarkable wear of tools.

Use & application range: this quality particularly meets the requirement of standard implants, implant screws and surgical instruments.

The watch industry found also an application field on external parts of watches, do to it’s improved polishing results, compared to standard AISI 316L (1.4404, 1.4435) steels.

You find it in different tensile ranges depending on the type of application. The hardness is only achieved by forced cold work.

Brief description
Designation Klein:1.4441 IMPLANT
Class of metals:Austenitic stainless steel
with N addition
Material number:1.4441
Standard EN:X 2 CrNiMo18-15-3
Machinability:from satisfactory to good
Hardening capability:cannot be hardened
Cold forming:can be cold formed
Cold working:can be cold worked
Polishing ability:adapted for mirror polishing
Corrosion resistance:good, Implant quality
Magnetism:non magnetic
Applications:Internal fixation devices; medical and
dental applications