XM-16 F-899 Instruments Medical steel bars
XM-16 is available in stock as bars / rods. General features: The Chronifer 455 KL (AISI XM-16) is a martensitic precipitation steel, based on fine structure, with high corrosion resistance and high tenacity.
Application field: The Chronifer 455 KL (Custom 455, Ergste 1.4543GG) is a medical steel which is designed for high grade instruments like screw drivers, long shafts, which have to withstand torsion resistance.
The Chronifer 455 KL is a soft martensitic fine steel due to it’s low carbon content. The highest hardness of apprx. 49 HRC can be achieved at condition H900. This is siginificantly higher than the standard PH Grade Aisi 630 (17-4PH) steel. The high hardness enhances the wear resistance and deformation resistance.
Since this steel doesn’t built up Chrome-Carbides, it is not specially recommended for cutting blades.

Designation Klein:CHRONIFER 455 KL
Class of metals:Precipitation hardening stainless steel
Material number:1.4543
Standard DIN:X3CrNiCuTiNb12-9
Machinability:up to satisfactory
Hardening capability:up to 55 HRc
Polishing ability:adapted for mirror polishing
Corrosion resistance:satisfactory in the hardened polished
and passivized condition
Uses:medical, surgical and dental