Labor Pb ~ 1065 / ~ 1095 (+S), 70 SPb 20, (A 60Pb) is a free cutting high carbon steel, non stainless and hardenable. Leaded, with sulfur for small chips. For precision small parts in the car and watch micromechanic industry. Mostly used on automatic lathe machines like Tornos or others. Maximum hardness after heat treatment: 63-66 HRC (> 710 HV).

Brief description
Klein designation:Labor Pb
Class of steels:free machining hardenable steel
with additions of S and Pb
Material number:1.0759
Standard DIN:70 SPb 20; A60 Pb
RoHS 2 – 2011/65/EU:compliant
Machinability:good up to very good
Hardening capability:up to 64 HRc
Polishing ability:not adapted for mirror polishing
Welding ability:not adapted
Uses:numerous industrial applications