LAW 100 X

Law 100 X® ~1095 hardenable Watchmaking alloys bars
Law 100 X® ~1095 is available in stock as bars / rods. The unalloyed, lead free LAW 100 X® ~ 1095 is a new generation watch making steel. It has been developed in collaboration with Carpenter Technologies Corporation, USA. The technique of powder metallurgy used in the production of LAW 100 X carbon steel represents a quantum leap in the production of high quality steel for the precision industry.

Properties of LAW 100 X® ~ 1095 watch making steel
In view of its extremely fine structure the LAW 100 X® could be dispensed with the addition of lead. The watchmaking steel therefore meets today’s environmental requirements. The final hardness (up to approx.64 HRc possible) is comparable to the grades LAW 100Pb and 20 AP, its workability is nearly as good as that of a lead alloyed steel of the old generation. It has a tremendously good wear resistance.
Due to its structure purity the low-distortion LAW 100 X makes an extremely efficient production of small precision parts possible, which have high demands on productivity and polishing ability.
If tolerated by the machines, high speeds are recommended in order to achieve better results. In the reworks such as hardening / tempering, polishing and coating of parts amazing results are achieved with LAW 100 X®. Here the fine structure comes into effect, as there’s no “lead contamination” existing.

Applications of LAW 100 X®
LAW 100 X 1.1268 is used in particular for producing fine precision parts and instruments. Due to its high wear resistance it is ideal for parts that are constantly in motion and thus highly qualified for use in the watch industry. Movement parts such as gears, pinions, pivots, axles, bridges and plates are made from this material.

Brief description
Klein designation:LAW 100 X
Class of metals:Watch making steel
with additions of S
Production technology:Micro-Melt® powder metallurgy
Material number:1.1268 X
Standard AISI:~ 1095
Melting:VIM + Micro-Melt
Hardening capability:up to 64 HRc
Polishing ability:good to very good
Uses:Difficult parts for watch movements (i.e.
axles, gears) and numerous industrials