Distinctive features and main attributes: Chronifer M-17B is, except of the Mo content, equivalent to Aisi 440B, a hardenable, alloyed stainless steel, optimized for high hardness, characterized by good corrosion and abrasion resistance provided the final part has been polished properly (without pores). Due to its higher carbon content, it is superior to Chronifer Labor M-13 (420 Series). For optimum corrosion resistance, the surface must be free of scale and foreign particles and finished parts should be passivated. However, the machinability is limited with high tool wear, whereas corrosion resistance to water and steam is fine once the parts are heat treated (max. hardness 58 HRC) and polished. The annealed execution with ESR process, combined with a tight size tolerance and straight bars helps to improve the machinability of our Chronifer M-17B. Use and application range: this alloy meets the requirement of medical instruments and dental cutting tools such as bone drills, knives and cutlery, punch disks, ball bearings, screw extruders and spray nozzles. It fulfills most parameters of the medical norms ASTM F-899 (only the Mo content of Chronifer M-17B is higher than F-899, but this higher content increases the corrosion resistance of Chronifer M-17B)

Brief description
Designation Klein:CHRONIFER M-17 B
Class of metals:Hardenable martensitic stainless steel
with V addition
Material number:1.4112
Standard EN:X 90 CrMoV 18, ~ AISI 440 B
Machinability:up to satisfactory
Hardening capability:up to 58 HRc
Polishing ability:adapted for mirror polishing
Corrosion resistance:satisfactory in the hardened polished
and passivized condition
Uses:medical, surgical and dental